One of the fastest growing sectors in the adult industry, is virtual reality porn. It has paved the way for millions of people to engage in VR sex with others across the globe. In turn, individuals in relationships are left wondering if this method of porn viewing constitutes some form of unfaithfulness from their partners. The boundaries of infidelity are being tested because many feel VR sex crosses the line. Although physical sex is not actually taking place, virtual and imaginary sexual intercourse is.

In all fairness, the parameters of adultery in lieu of technological advancements have been widening for decades. The same argument was and is still being made about phone sex and sexting. Endless of people engage in both every day; even those in serious relationships. However, virtual reality sex takes things to an entire different level. Phone sex and sexting only lets a person hear or read sexually explicit things. VR sex goes much further making those acts seem minor in comparison. In virtual reality, Individuals are able to see others nude and engage in simulated touching, caressing and sexual intercourse with them.

If that wasn’t alarming enough already for couples who feel their partners are cheating, there’s more. As more and more breakthroughs in technology are made each day, the options for VR sex grow as well. The possibilities for engaging in virtual reality sex with others are reaching new levels. In fact, when people see what they can do once they put on the virtual reality goggles, they are blown away. The sexually absorbing and exciting experience obtained with this gadget is unlike anything most ever imagined. Whether it’s via live webcam or VR porn hardcore porn videos, the thrill and feeling are amazing.

A person can obtain a 360 perspective of whomever the individual on the other side is. People immerse themselves sexually and take porn viewing to a different level. Those who want to take it a step further, can do so by using more expensive or advanced equipment. There are fleshlights that allow a person to experience the feel of actually touching the individual opposite of them. You also have kinesthetic body suits that add more realism to the experience. All of these things make the entire VR porn encounter as real-life as possible. It’s partly why so many are asking whether VR sex equates to cheating; especially for someone involved in a serious relationship. How a person may feel about that will largely depend on a few things.

As it is now, there are numerous couples who are having problems in their relationships because of porn. One of the two may spend too much time looking at hardcore porn videos, sex pictures or something else. There are many men and women out there who spend hours looking at pornography. Even when some of these people have a spouse or partner. For those who thought or think that viewing pornography constitutes cheating, VR sex is worse. Fact is that virtual reality makes regular porn viewing seem minor by comparison. That is how much more realism VR porn delivers when it comes to sexual gratification and sexual experience.

As with everything else, how a person may feel about something will depend on the individual. And on how the two people in the relationship discuss and feel about things. For instance, there are some spouses who may not object to their partner viewing pornography. This is more so when the two may engage in viewing it together from time to time. Or when the couple is more liberal or in an open relationship. While it’s true that some don’t find their spouse viewing porn online as bad, there are exceptions. Some take issues with their partner when the person engages in sexting. That is to start conversing, sending or receiving sexually explicit messages from another person. Once that happens, the whole thing is taken to another level. The spouse is now engaging in actual conversations with the person he or she is interacting with. Most feel that the next step may be for them to actually meet and carry out the sexual fantasy and discussion, in person.

This is exactly what makes virtual reality porn such a serious issue for some couples. There are those who spend too much time having VR sex. To the extent that they may be ignoring their real-life partners. Some enjoy having sexual experiences via the virtual reality world much more than actual sex. These are all things people have already gone through before with regular porn viewing. In a way, virtual sex takes a sexual experience, to a higher reality. Based on the realistic aspect of it, VR sex is not for everyone. This may not be something most people would be comfortable with their partners engaging in. Which is why some are calling virtual sexual experiences, a virtual infidelity.


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