Virtual reality technology and smartphones are surprisingly compatible – of all the uses for VR tech, who could have predicted that developers would create headsets that allow you to simply slot your smartphone in to use it as a VR viewing device? This is what we have and it is a great (and cheaper) alternative to fully-fledged VR headsets. There are numerous different headsets compatible with smartphones and for those who own an iPhone, you are in luck! The following are five different VR headsets that work perfectly with iPhones:

Google Cardboard

This is possibly one of the most bizarre VR headsets available, mainly because it is literally made from cardboard! Google Cardboard is one of the cheapest VR headsets to purchase and it is fully compatible with iPhones. Not only is Google Cardboard cheap, it is also fun to make and use – you can literally build the headset yourself using instructions from Google. If you want to turn our iPhone into a VR platform, Google Cardboard is a fantastic entry product to use.

BlitzWolf BR-VR3

BlitzWolf is a technology company who create a variety of different devices such as charger banks, cables, and electronic accessories. They only currently have one VR headset but it is well built and extremely comfortable. The BilitzWolf BR-VR3 is a fantastic headset that your iPhone can slot into perfectly. If you want something a little more comfortable then this is the model for you – the section that fits onto your face has a protective spongy rim and there is an adjustable head strap too.

Merge VR

You may have heard of the hugely popular Merge Cube which is dubbed as the world’s first holographic object. The creators of this fun piece of technology have not surprisingly created a headset that is compatible with their cube, but it is also compatible with iPhones too! This headset is light and compact and has a comfortable head strap. What makes this headset even better is that both regular iPhone’s and the Plus models can fit within the holder. They also come in a variety of colors!

View-Master DLX VR

The View-Master DLX VR is the second edition of Mattel’s virtual reality smartphone headset and this one is improved greatly. This device can support all iPhone models and it also comes in several different designs. This is one of the most stylish VR headsets and it is comfortable too. For kids, there are even cool Batman and Ninja Turtle special edition designs.

Homido VR

Homibo offers a mobile VR headset that is similar to the BlitzWolf BR-VR3 – it has more of a premium feel and is more robust and well-made. The face padding is soft and extremely comfortable and the device actually provides 100 degrees of vision which are fantastic for a mobile VR headset. If you wear glasses fear not – the Homido has adjustable vision options that allow you to increase or decrease the distance between your eyes and smartphone.

There you have it – 5 awesome mobile VR headsets that are perfect for use with your iPhone! Remember that the quality of the actual VR experience will depend largely upon the resolution of your phone, and the app/game itself.

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